According to the narrative of an international geologist who is extremely familiar with the Gansing wells, Anglo-Marine Co. was able to drill up to 2,000 feet and at this depth large quantity of crude oil shot upwards. But they failed to drill deeper because huge gas pressure was hindering their effort. More than half a century ago, the drilling technology was not as sophisticated as of today hence the early pioneers abandoned the Gansing Prospect. It was also observed by industry experts that Gansing was not really subjected to a thorough Seismic survey.

Tukanakuden, a sitio in Barangay Caridad is where we found the abandoned Tukanakuden gas well. The Tukanakuden Prospect is near the two other gas wells called Sultan sa Barongis 1 (SSB1) and Sultan sa Barongis 2 (SSB2). While Tukanakuden is inside Sultan Kudarat, SSB1 and SSB2 are inside Sultan sa Barongis, a municipality of Maguindanao. It was in this area that intensive exploration operation was undertaken by PETRONAS of Malaysia and by the Philippine National Oil Company – Exploration Corporation (PNOC-EC) in 1992 – 2002. PETRONAS terminated its exploration because they were looking for crude oil and not natural gas, which they found abundant in this area. On the other hand, PNOC-EC capped their well because of security issues in 2002.